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Electronic Learning Modules

Each e-course is designed to expand your financial knowledge in a fun and engaging way. They are free and here 24/7 for you to view at your convenience. Be sure to check back often as new courses are added periodically.

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Are You Smarter than a GreenPath Counselor?

Test your skills and knowledge and see if you are smarter than a GreenPath Financial Wellness Counselor.

Budget Basics eLearning Course

Give your financial budget knowledge with this eLearning course.  Learn what you know about budgeting … and more importantly … what you don’t know about budgeting!

Budget Checkup Course

Ready for the next step in your budget evolution?  Once you have completed the basics course, journey through the next stage of your budgetary education with this Budget Checkup Course.

Understanding Credit Reports

Learn about credit reports and discover what you need to know to keep you credit history in tip top shape.

Worksheets & Budgetary Tools

Sometimes the best way to work on money management issues is the old-fashioned way – with paper and pencil. These worksheets offer you a number of tools to print off and work on. The worksheets allow you to set goals, put a budget together, calculate your net worth, and create an inventory of your financial life.

These worksheets can be used now and can be used again and again throughout your life. Please click on the worksheet below.

Financial Goals Worksheet
Setting Family Goals Worksheet
Basic Monthly Budget Planner
Detailed Monthly Budget Planner
Net Worth Statement

Financial Inventory Worksheet