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We are pleased to present our unique set of informative videos, designed to offer helpful advice in an entertaining format. The videos target personal finance situations we all experience at different stages of our lives. Enjoy the videos at your convenience, watching all of the sections or choosing specific topics.

Introduction (click to watch video)

Timely Tips: Establishing Your Credit (click to watch video)
Learn some timely tips to help establish your credit.

5 Parts of Your Credit Score (click to watch video)
This video covers 5 parts of your credit score to keep your credit worthiness in check.

5 Steps to Better Track Your Expenses (click to watch video)
These steps will help you keep a handle on your expenses so you can watch your money.

5 Steps to Buying a Used Car (click to watch video)
Learn these 5 must know steps before purchasing your next used car.

5 Steps to Creating Good Financial Goals (click to watch video)
5 Steps to help you create sound financial goals.

A Penny Saved … (click to watch video)
Explore strategies for saving money to make a purchase, earn interest, and achieve your goals.

A Strategy That Always Wins (click to watch video)
Topics include cash flow, budgeting, and tips for managing money.

Just Let Me Check That (click to watch video)
A look at checking accounts, including how to manage a checking account, insufficient funds, and banking fees.

Let Your Fingers Do The Banking (click to watch video)
Learn electronic banking concepts and tips.

You Can’t Use What You Don’t Have (click to watch video)
Learn more about credit. This segment includes information about credit scores, establishing credit, and using and managing credit cards wisely.

Living in the Present (click to watch video)
Find out about buying a car, financing a car loan, cosigning, and the costs of owning a car.

Hot Tips (click to watch video)
Watch some hot tips to live by.